Sarah Whitecotton Acrylic PaintingAcrylics

My paintings are narrative for the most part and about places I have lived and visited. I generally define space by my use of color and my forms are exaggerated to portray a particular mood. My smaller works represent tight spaces and a sense of busyness, whereas my larger canvases are simpler and have more freedom to breathe.

Sarah Whitecotton EncausticWatercolors

My watercolors are realistic expressions of where I am living or visiting. I begin with sketching and then proceed with painting.


Sarah White Cotton GicleesEncaustics

There is a sense of timelessness to an encaustic painting. I use layering to define foreground and distance, building up layers with embedded objects, photo transfers, drawings and mixed media. I also use printing techniques which are similar to working in wax.


Sarah Whitecotton Watercolor PaintingGiclées

Giclées are archival fine art prints. They can be ordered in a variety of sizes.